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Wednesday, 30th of September, 1-2pm
Room L503, 5th Floor, James Joyce Library Building
UCD Belfield Campus, Dublin 4


This talk examines the role of passion among precarious labour force in the Italian academia. By relying on C. Wright Mill’s distinction between “passion as a reason” of action and “passion as a motive” to represent and discuss one’s employment condition, Rivetti and Busso argue that the symbolic strength of passion is correlated to its applicability both as a tool to govern recruitment in neo-liberal academia, and as a strategy to fit recruitment criteria and “become employable”. The talk presents the results of a co-authored article based on more than four-years’ long documentation and participant observation in political initiatives and campaigns organised by precarious, non-tenured research staff in Italian universities.


Dr. Paola Rivetti is a Lecturer in Politics of the Middle East and IR at the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University. Her research interests revolve around the government of societies, contentious politics and the sociology of the state in the Middle Eastern region.Dr. Sandro Busso is a researcher at the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society at Turin University. His research interests revolve around the governance of social policies at the local level; the transformations of the social welfare; and the relationship between the state and the market. Both authors have worked on and militated against the casualisation of labor in the Italian academia and knowledge economy.*This event is supported by the research project: Equality of Opportunity in Practice: Studies of Working, Learning, and Caring funded by the Irish Research Council Research (2014-2017)Lecture_Rivetti_Busso
Lunchtime Seminar:: What’s Love Got to Do with It? Precarious Academic Labour Forces and the Role of Passion in Italian Universities – Dr P. Rivetti & Dr S. Busso, Wed, Sept 30, 1-2pm Room L503, 5th Floor, UCD JJL
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