On May 12th 2016 Professor Nancy Folbre presented a public lecture on The Political Economy of Patriarchal Capitalism, at University College Dublin (UCD) at the invitation of the Irish Research Council funded project Equality in Working, Learning and Caring Project. In this lecture Professor Folbre will explore the interface between political economy and feminist theory.
nfProfessor Nancy Folbre is one of the world’s most renowned feminist economists. She is currently Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She has published numerous papers and books on feminist economic issues topics. Her work focuses on economics and the family, non-market work and the economics of care. Among her best known works are Greed, Lust & Gender: a history of economic ideas (2009, Oxford University Press), The Invisible Heart: economics and family values.(2001, New York: New Press) and Who Pays for the Kids?: gender and the structures of constraint (1994, London/New York: Routledge). In 1998, Professor Folbre received a five-year fellowship from the MacArthur Foundation, also referred to as the ‘genius grant’, for her research work.
VIDEO: Professor Nancy Folbre “The Political Economy of Patriarchal Capitalism”
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