Publications of the research team related to the research project

  • Books

Lynch, Kathleen, Grummell, Bernie and Devine, Dympna (2015) New Managerialism in Education: Commercialization,Carelessness and Gender 2nd edition. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmilan.

  • Book chapters

Lynch, Kathleen, Cantillon, Sara and Crean, Margaret (2017) ‘Inequality’ in Roche, William K, O’Connell, Philip J. and Prothero, Andrea (Eds.) Austerity and the Recovery in Ireland: Europe’s Poster Child and the Great Recession. Oxford: Oxford University Press.pp. 252-271.

Grummell, Bernie and Lynch, Kathleen (2016) ‘New Managerialism as a Political Project in Irish Education’ in  Mary P Murphy and Fiona Dukelow  (Eds.) The Irish Welfare state in the 21st Century: Challenges and Changes Basingstoke: Palgrave. (accepted, in print)

Mariya Ivancheva, Micheal O’Flynn (2016) ‘Between Career Progression and Career Stagnation: Casualisation, Tenure, and the Contract of Indefinite Duration in Ireland’ In: S.Gupta, J.Habjan, H.Tutek (eds). in Academic Labour, Unemployment and Global Higher Education Neoliberal Policies of Funding and Management. London: Palgrave McMillan., pp.167-184

Baker, John Lynch, Kathleen and Walsh, Judy (2015) ‘Cutting back on equality’ In: Rosie Meade and Fiona Dukelow (eds). Defining Events: Power, Resistance and Identity in 21st Century Ireland. Manchester: Manchester University Press.


  • Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Ivancheva, Mariya  (2017) ‘Between Permanent Revolution and Permanent Liminality Continuity and Rupture in the Bolivarian Government’s Higher Education Reform‘. Latin American Perspectives: 44 (1):  251–266 (abstract)

Cantillon, Sara and Lynch, Kathleen (2016) ‘Love Matters’, Hypatia, Journal of Feminist Philosophy. (accepted, undertaking revisions)

Ivancheva, Mariya (2017) ‘The Discreet Charm of University Autonomy: Conflicting Legacies in the Venezuelan Student Movements‘, Bulletin for Latin American Research, 36 (2): 177–191

Ivancheva, Mariya  (2016) ‘Precarious Anthropology‘. Social Anthropology, 24 (3):357-359.

Lolich, Luciana and Lynch, Kathleen (2016) ‘The affective imaginary: students as affective consumers of risk’, Higher Education Research and Development. 1-14. DOI:10.1080/07294360.2015.1121208

Lolich, Luciana and Lynch, Kathleen (2016) ‘Aligning the market and affective self: care and student resistance to entrepreneurial subjectivities‘. Gender and Education, DOI 10.1080/09540253.2016.1197379

O’Flynn, Micheal and Panayiotopolous, Aggelos (2015) ‘Activism and the Academy in Ireland: A Bridge for Social Justice‘, Studies in Social Justice, 9(1).

Lynch, Kathleen and Ivancheva, Mariya (2015) ‘Academic Freedom and the Commercialisation of the Universities: a critical ethical analysis’, Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, 15 (1)

Ivancheva, Mariya P. (2015) The age of precarity and the new challenges to the academic profession, in STUDIA EUROPAEA, LX, 1, 2015, 39-47

Lynch, Kathleen (2015) Control by numbers: new managerialism and ranking in higher education, Critical Studies in Education, 56:2, 190-207

Lynch, Kathleen (2014) ‘New Managerialism, Neoliberalism and Ranking’. Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, 13 (2)

  • Articles

Lynch, Kathleen (2016) ‘Why Free Education Matters: And why financing education through student loans/debt is problematic’, in Change: publication of the Right to Change movement. The full edition of Right2Change is available in here.

Ivancheva, Mariya P. (2015) The neoliberal race to the bottom affects us all #UniversityInCrisis, in AllegraLab: Anthropology, Law, Art & World’ November 2014

Micheal O’Flynn (2014) The Casualisation of Labour in Third Level Institutions, Irish Left Review




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